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Ленточные фотосепараторы MEYER

Фотосепараторы MEYER для сортировки риса

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✓ We offer color sorters in different design

Sapsan color sorters have various production capacity, different number of ejectors, types of camera, dimensions and other structural features.

We install high-speed cameras:

  • monocrome, RGB, bichrome, NIR/InGaAs;
  • 4k Teledyne Dalsa

This makes it possible to decrease the loss of good product twice and triple the output.

✓ Possibility of sorting ANY BULK solid materials by one and the same multifunctional machine:

  • Grains and seeds: wheat, rye, rice, sunflower (white and striped) seeds, oat, sty, corn, sorghum, millet, green foxtail, foxtail millet;
  • Legumes: mung beans, chickpeas, soybeans, white and red kidney beans, lentils, coffee beans, peas;
  • Cereals: buckweat, oats, tibicos, millet, rice grits;
  • Nuts: peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachio nuts, hazelnuts;
  • Materials such as minerals, plastic, glass and PET;
  • Frozen products.

✓ Unique solutions for milling and cereals making industries:

  • Removing harmful and dangerous for health impurities: seeds of Trichodesma incanum, seeds of Agrostemma, Lolium temulentum, Heliotropium, Sophora alopecuroides
  • Separating seeds from weeds: Rhaponticum repens, Bromus, Solanum, Coronilla;
  • Removing defected grains: Ergot, Fusarium, Smut;
  • Cleaning cereals from defects: rice – flour white, affected by bacterial blast, defective, mineral impurities, etc.;
  • Cleaning cereals from defects: buckwheat – hulled buckwheat groats, Tartary buckwheat, crushed buckwheat, mineral impurities, etc.
  • Cleaning cereals from defects: millets – hulled millets, poor-quality kernels, discolored kernels, etc.

✓ Multi-criteria product sorting

Raw product sorting is based on the main optical properties – by color and color shades, shape, size, weight, composition and structure.

✓ Sorting accuracy is more or equal to 99,99%

Ideal sorting quality is achieved when the amount of impurities is equal to 1-3%, meanwhile high efficiency remains when this amount is 5-10%. Thanks to optical resolution 0.1 mm, 0.12 mm and 0.2 mm (depending on the sorting task) even tiny defects are recognized and removed.

✓ Automatic repeated sorting

When the initial sorting process is finished the product automatically gets back to the inlet for the second sorting stage. This allows achieving the optimal product quality and minimize the loss.

✓ Intellectual Sorting Based on Machine Learning Algorithms

Adaptive sorting algorithms that use principles of machine learning are able to adjust color sorter parameters for any product with minimal operator involvement.

At the first learning stage raw material is divided into “good” and “bad” by its optical properties (color, shape, composition, etc.). Then an operator manually or with the help of the vibratory feeder runs a small amount of “good” and “bad” material through a color sorter. The algorithm “learns” parameters of the reference fractions and after that it is possible to start automatic sorting process.

✓ Components produced by top manufacturers

Construction and functional elements of color sorters are produced by worldwide leaders:

  • Ejectors – MAC (USA-Belgium);
  • Pneumatic system – Festo Group (international company);
  • Image processors – Texas Instruments (USA);
  • Lighters – Osram AG (Germany);
  • High-speed cameras – in-house production, Teledyne Dalsa Inc. (Canada);
  • InGaAs cameras – based on Hamamatsu sensors, PerkinElmer ON Semiconductor;
  • Lens – Nikon (Japan).


SE Series

SE-Series color sorters are highly effective for grains and small seeds cultures

Models – color sorters with 1-6 chutes

Color sorters with high-speed monochrome and RGB cameras

Production capacity for grain sorting – from 2 Т/hour (for 1-chute machine) to 16 Т/hour (for 8-chute machine)

Cameras with optical resolution 0,1 mm allow detecting the tiniest defects.

S Series

Color sorters with high-speed monochrome, RGB, RGB 4k Teledyne Dalsa and InGaAs cameras

Production capacity for grain sorting – from 5 Т/hour (for 1-chute machine) to 30 Т/hour (for 6-chute machine)

Cameras with optical resolution 0,12 mm allow detecting the tiniest defects of grains and beans, materials like plastic PET flakes and waste glass, and also minerals.

SB Series

SB-Series – excellent work with raw material containing impurities of different colors, color shades, shape, composition and inner structure

Production capacity for grain sorting – from 5 Т/hour (for 1-chute machine) to 30 Т/hour (for 6-chute machine)

SM Series

Color sorters with high-speed monochrome and RGB cameras.
Production capacity is up to 15 T/h
Optical resolution is 0,12 mm, that is why Sapsan SM color sorters successfully sort grains and fine seeds.

X-RAY color sorters

Such sorters are able to detect stones, sand, ground, seashells, glass, thread, slivers, metal fragments, etc. in food products.
The emitted radiation is so small that the equipment is absolutely safe for food industry.

Belt Sorters

Sapsan belt sorters are used by producers of frozen berries, dried fruit, peas and corn.
The equipment removes pits and foreign objects from berries, separates brown and defected fruit.