Smart Grade is the only company producing color sorters that are able to sort grain

from harmful and dangerous impurities:

  • Seeds of Trichodesma incanum
  • Seeds of Agrostemma
  • Lolium temulentum
  • Heliotropium
  • Sophora alopecuroides

from weed seeds (which are hard to sort):

  • Rhaponticum repens
  • Bromus
  • Solanum
  • Coronilla

from infected grain:

  • Ergot
  • Fusarium
  • Smut

Sapsan color sorters delete impurities, seeds of poisonous plants and infected seeds. Meanwhile, we have managed to decrease the loss of good product twice and triple the output.

We are able to clean cereals from defects:

rice – flour white, affected by bacterial blast, defective, mineral impurities, etc.
buckwheat – hulled buckwheat groats, Tartary buckwheat, crushed buckwheat, mineral impurities, etc.
millets – hulled millets, poor-quality kernels, discolored kernels, etc.


We are the proud owners of plastic processing technologies – sorting PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PS, PP, ABS et al. by color and type. We are able to separate PET flakes and PVC impurities. SAPSAN color sorters can successfully work with waste glass and ceramics, and even recyclables – paper and plastic.


SAPSAN color sorters are easily installed into plastic recycling line:

  • PET
  • PEHD
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • PS
  • ABS
  • PA
  • PC

We solve the most sophisticated sorting tasks:

  • Separating colored material from discolored one
  • Sorting material by color and its shades
  • Separating transparent and non-transparent, flat and glossy material
  • Sorting by shape and size
  • Sorting different types of plastic
  • Detecting and separating plastic, which emits chemicals and toxins when it is heat-treated (PVC, PS et al.) from safe plastics (LDPE, PET, etc.).

Types of fractions: granules, fractions up to 4 centimeters, film, fiber.

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