Preparing your product for tests

  • The sample of your product should comply with the sorting task and the expected sorting accuracy;
  • The maximum efficiency is achieved when the initial amount of impurities is equal to 5-10%;
  • The necessary amount of the product sample needed for full-scale tests depends on the weight and the quantity of your product (5-10 kg in average).

The customer sends us the following samples for tests:

  • A sample of raw material (5-10 kg);
  • A sample of impurities (no more than 1 kg) packed separately.

Your product testing

The customer follows the guidance:

  1. Requests tests from our specialists;
  2. Prepares a sample of raw product and impurities for sorting
  3. Packs impurities separately from the product;
  4. Send us by post.

Then we will:

  1. Connect with the customer and precise the task;
  2. Conduct laboratory spectroscopy analysis;
  3. Carry out experimental tests;
  4. Choose a model of the color sorter necessary for our customer;
  5. Present the obtained results to the customer:
    • Invite the customer to our production site;
    • Record a video;
    • Demonstrate the sorting process online;
    • Prepare a test report.