Operation and Maintenance

Per Shift:

  1. Use the air gun to clean the channels, chutes, observation cabinet and ejectors.
    Note:When cleaning the observation cabinet with an air gun, you should never aim the gunpoint at the ejector nozzle.
  2. Inspect the power indication and ejectors during the running of the machine.
  3. Check the air compressor – air pressure, oil temperature and the sound.
  4. Power off the machine by pressing the shutdown button on the touch panel, then turn off the power supply of the machine and the compressor. Drain the compressor.
  5. Clean the vibrators, inside of the machine frame, inlets, outlets and wiping brushes.

In addition, it is necessary to:

Check the filter element of the dryer once a week.
Replace the oil of the air compressor once in six months.


It is very necessary to keep the equipment clean because it affects the sorting quality and machine condition.
Note: Do not use wool, scraper or antiseptic on any part of the machine. Clean the glass surface of the observation cabinet with soft cloth dipped in alcohol.